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Euroload By-pass Changeover Switches

Havells On-Load By-Pass Switch connects normal supply to the loads in case stabilized source fails. In fact, it By-passes the UPS/Servo Stabilizer in case of their failure and provides a means of connecting alternate supply to the load. The switch also ensures isolation of the up-stream and down-stream circuit.

Range : In current ratings of 63A-1600A in 6 frame sizes in 4 Pole execution.

Specification : IS / IEC: 60947-1&3

Features :

  • Robust and reliable mechanism provides total disconnection..
  • Quick make and break operation, independent of the operating speed enables the switches to open and close under stringent conditions, namely AC23A utilizations.
  • The switch housing is made of fiber glass reinforced polyester, which has excellent mechanical, di-electric and thermal properties.

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