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  •  High performance without sense vector control, with good low frequency torque
  •  RS485 standard communication interface, MODBUS protocol
  •  High performance V/F control algorithm with multiple V/F curves
  •  Small size, light weight, strong function, stable performance, easy to operate
  •  Smart, easy to use design, easy installation, commissioning and operation
Input Related Voltage Three phase 380V; 50Hz / 60Hz
Tolerance Voltage : -20% ~ +20%, Voltage deviation ratio : < 3%, Frequency : ±5%
Output Related Voltage 380V / 415V / 440V
Frequency range 0Hz ~ 500Hz (Standard mode) ; 0Hz ~ 2000Hz (Standard mode)
Frequency resolution 0.01Hz
Overload capability 150% rated current for 1 minute, 180% rated current for 3 seconds
Running function Running command channel Keypad, Control terminal, Serial port, Above 3 are switchable
Frequency setting channel Keypad potentiometer setting : ▲, ▼control panel keys setting; Function code setting : Serial port setting; Terminal up/down setting : Input Analog voltage setting : Input Analog current setting; Combination ways setting; Above ways are switchable
Switch input channel FWD/REV command: 8channels programmable switch inputs, 35kinds of function can be set separately
Analog input channel 4~20mA / 0-10V : 2 optional analog inputs
Analog output channel 4~20mA or 0~10V optional, setting frequency and output frequency, etc feature output
Switch / Pulse output channel Programmable open collector output : relay output : 0~20KHz pulse output:

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