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Hi Brake Fuse Link & Fuse Base

"Hi Brake Fuse Link & Fuse Base" range of low voltage fuse links have been designed to meet the requirements set for modern industrial installations & electrical power plants. Their breaking capacity is sufficient even for the highest short circuit levels, which are normally reached in practice.

The breaking capacity of the fuse links is 80KA at 415AC. The fuse links are suitable for use in both AC/DC applications for over current and short circuit protection and have very low let through energy resulting in reduced electro magnetic stress and reliable short circuit clearance.

They have excellent non-deterioration performance and low power loss values well within the limits of the specification.

Range :
2A-630A in Bolted design (BS type)
6A-630A in Blade Contact design (DIN type)
4A-63A in Round Head design (RH type)

Specification : Conforms to IEC:60269-1 & 2-1 / IS:13703-1 & 2-1

Features :

  • Excellent AC and DC performance
  • Low watt loss
  • Interchangeable with compatible brands
  • ISI Marked

Type BS (Bolted Connection) DIN (Blade Contact) RH (Cylindrical Cap)
Rated Voltage 415 V 415 V 415 V
Rated Current 2A - 630A* 6A - 630A* 4A - 63A*
Rated Frequency 50Hz 50Hz 50Hz
Breaking Capacity 80KA 80KA 80KA
Utilization Category “gG” “gG” “gG”
Non Fusing Current 1.25In 1.25In 1.25In
Fusing Current 1.6In 1.6In 1.6In
Size F-1, A-2, A-3, A-4
B-1, B2, B-3, B-4
C-1, C-2
CD-000, CD-00
CD-1, CD-2, CD-3
Cut-off Characteristics As per specification As per specification As per specification
As per specification Steatite ceramic Steatite ceramic Steatite ceramic
Material of the Fusing Element Copper with Tin Solder Copper with Tin Solder Copper with Tin Solder
Material of Filler Silica Quartz Silica Quartz Silica Quartz
Material of Blade Brass (6A - 63A)
Copper (80A - 630A)
Brass (6A - 400A)
Copper (425-630A
Indication of Blown Fuse -- Provided --

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