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Instaline Automatic Transfer Switch

The need for continuous power supply and its reliability has increased rapidly over the years, especially in all those areas where uninterrupted power supply is a must. Modern systems are power dependent. Their complexity has increased as continuous information and communications are needed to control automated process, be in industries, commercial complexes, hospitals, hotels or even modern residences.

The need, as such, for independent stand by power system has therefore increased manifold. The power distribution, control, monitoring and protection of stand by power system needs to be integrated. Stand by generator systems, for example, are required to cater to :-

  • Sensitive Loads are supplied by UPS systems. The period of non- availability of power, before the stand by supply takes over, is bridged by battery banks. Typical loads are computers, hospital equipments, micro processor controlled industrial machines etc.
  • Critical Loads mostly involve stand by generator systems which supply power to lighting systems, air conditioning, elevators etc in Airports, Hotels and commercial complexes.
  • Essential Loads also use stand by generator systems mostly in process industries as they relate to high restarting times or high down times.

Automatic transfer from main supply to stand by supply is vital for all the above kinds of loads. In the event of power failure, the stand by power is usually expected to take over automatically. Electrical starting equipment, battery bank and diesel generator are required for the automatic operation. The automatic transfer is achieved mostly by automatic mains failure systems. The process of onload transfer has to be monitored & controlled for a smooth Changeover and within safety limits of all elements of the system. This is achieved by Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS).

Range : Current rating from 100A to 630A in three frame sizes in three pole and four pole execution.

Specification : Conforms to IS/IEC:60947-6-1

Features :

  • High speed transfer
  • Superior making & breaking capacity
  • Compact & light weight design
  • Positive indication through flag indicator
  • Neutral point transfer
  • Liberal terminals

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