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Utility Distribution Boards

Electrical energy has brought along with it a lot of conveniences, beyond imagination. It’s consumption has increased manifold be it in domestic, commercial or industrial applications, thereby creating a need for scientific & effective method of distribution. The purpose of electrical wiring is to systematically distribute current. In the process the system mainly adopts methods to protect installation and human life from electrical hazards such as short circuit, overload and earth leakage.

The electrical wiring is carried out to distribute current from a single source of supply to various circuits, such an arrangement is made inside an enclosure called Distribution Board.

The Distribution Board is not merely an enclosure but a comprehensive system in itself, comprising of copper bus bars, brass neutral links, earth links to facilitate effective distribution of current. It incorporates safety devices such as MCBs, ELCBs and Isolators, which serves to protect the installation.

A wide range of compact, elegant & economical DBs with unique features, designed & engineered to provide user safety, convenience and operational / maintenance advantages are offered.

Range : SPN – 4, 6, 8, 12& 16W | TPN – 4, 6, 8 & 12W

Color : Pearl Ivory & Regal Grey

Features :

  • Compact DBs which occupy minimum space
  • Raised neutral link for easy wiring
  • Suitable for surface & flush mounting
  • Detachable din bar with end stoppers for easy assembly of breakers
  • Supplied with fully shielded bus-bars
  • Level marks for providing indication for fitment in wall

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