Analog Earth Leakage Relay, 2M

Product: ELRA2M
  • Measures leakage current from 30mA to 30A in 1Ø & 3Ø systems
  • Trip Relay: 1 SPDT relay
  • LED indication to show leakage level in system
  • Auxiliary supply voltage of 230 V AC ±15%. Or 110V AC ±15%
  • Response time: For 30mA: - <30ms (For 5xln) & <50ms (For 1xIn)
  • DIN-rail mounting, 2M size
  • CE, RoHS and DEKRA certified

Brief Specifications

Measuring Parameter Monitors True RMS Earth Leakage Current (upto 30A )
Electrical Connection 1Ø-2W, 3Ø-4W, 3Ø-3W
Trip Setting 30mA - 30A
Time Ranges Trip Time Delay: 0 to 9 sec (NA when In=0.03A)
Accuracy Trip: ± 5% of Set Trip Current,
Time: ± 5% of set Time + Response Time
Output Contact 1 C / O (SPDT )
Output Rating NO / 10A@277V AC / 28DC(1)
Supply Voltage 230V AC (±15%)
Size 35mm
Mounting Type DIN Rail Mount
Certification CE

Product Variants

Product Code Supply Voltage Certification
ELRA2M2-2-230V-CE 230V AC CE