Power Quality and Power Factor Correction

Systematic and sustained power supply is the backbone of any function. Now there is no room for error in terms of faulty power supply. Power Factor Correction plays a critical role in ensuring reduced downtime or defaults in any machinery at industries. These defaults could occur due to reasons including motor failure, overheating of transformers, equipment malfunction, and lastly, irregular power supply to any unit.

Power Factor Correction plays the role of ensuring smooth power supply, and in turn, elevating the power quality - absolutely negating the possibility of a breakdown in the system or any interruptions. Power factor (PF) is calculated between 0 and 1.0 (usually given as a percentage,0.8 = 80 percent). If your facility’s PF falls below a certain level (typically 95-96 percent), your utility will charge a reactive power compensation. This is due to the fact that low PF signifies an inefficient load source that is causing reactive (i.e. non-working) power that the utility has to compensate for.

Power Factor = True Power/Apparent Power. Real Power - Power used to run equipment, expressed in kW.

Reactive Power - Power which does not end up of any use - loss.

Apparent Power -Real Power - Reactive Power.

The bottom line is that your PF percentage symbolises how much of the total current is being drawn by you which is actually used to do real work and put to a productive purpose. For example, a PF of 95 percent signifies that 5 percent of the current flowing into your facility is non-working power and is pretty much a loss for you. This is why it is critical to explore Schneider Electric India’s power factor techniques.

Power factor quantifies how efficiently incoming power is leveraged in an electrical installation. Power factor correction minimizes electricity cost and increases energy efficiency. They are necessary to reduce the load on an electrical distribution system and augment power quality. Power quality is vital to ensure the operational efficiency of all the equipment. Therefore, power factor correction is crucial to alleviating downtime.

Automatic power factor correction operates on a very simple principle; when the power factor exceeds the required level, the microcontroller sends a signal to disconnect the capacitor bank.

Active Power Quality Solutions

At Schneider Electric India, our aim is to devise novel and innovative solutions to meet all your electric needs in the most sustainable way possible. Our panel of expert professionals have designed effective and flexible active power quality solutions for the light industry, commercial buildings, and other industrial installations. We offer a diversified portfolio of products under our exclusively designed ranges like PowerLogic, AccuSine PFV+, AccuSine PCS+, AccuSine PCS, and more.

Active Power Quality Solutions
PowerLogic™ AccuSine PFV+

The Schneider Electric solution for electronic reactive current compensation for specific and high performance solutions. AccuSine...

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Active Power Quality Solutions
PowerLogic AccuSine PCS+

The solution for active harmonic filtering in industrial installations. AccuSine PCS+ is a flexible, high performance, cost-effective solution...

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Power Factor Correction Capacitors/Components

At Schneider Electric India, our team of expert professionals have intelligently designed three exclusive ranges by the name of VarplusBox, VarplusCan, and Easycan. All products under these ranges are devised for heavy-duty applications, medium-scale industrial applications, large-scale industrial applications, and more. VarPlus Box Energy Ultra Heavy Duty MD-XL-3-phase-15.2kVAr-525V 50 Hz and Easycan Capacitor -5/6Kvar-440 V-50/60 Hz are some of the many efficiently designed products we offer for power factor correction capacitors.

Active Power Quality Solutions

Varplus can capacitors - aluminium can. LV aluminum can capacitors

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, Power Factor Correction

The new generation LV power factor correction capacitors. LV can type capacitors with exceptional reliability, extended life and high over-current...

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Power Factor Correction Components/Others

Our professional team of experts at Schneider Electric India strive to devise high-performance and innovative solutions to meet all your electric needs, efficiently. We have a diversified portfolio of power factor correction components under exclusively designed ranges like Varlogic Power Factor Controller , Automatic Power factor correction panel, VarPlus Logic, and more. In addition, we have ensured that products under these ranges are high-performance, flexible, reliable, and easy to install.

Active Power Quality Solutions
PowerLogic PFC Controller

Intelligent power factor correction controllers. VarPlus Logic has all what you need for the simple and efficient operation of your automa...

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