Push Buttons, Switches, Pilot Lights and Joysticks

Discover Schneider Electric India’s wide range of push button switches & pilot lights to which are ideal for almost all industrial applications. A comprehensive range - available in metal & plastic versions, our products fit your needs of robustness, security and simplicity. Nearly all the basic aspects of our lives include electronic products in one way or the other. We tend to pay the most attention to whether they are performing or not, while often neglecting other characteristics of these electronic products, such as their circuit principles, or even their power switches. There are an array of different switches which can be used for electronic products. The push button switch is one of them. The push button switch has a variety of different uses, be it in elevators to car stereos.

A push button switch is a compact, sealed mechanism that finishes a full electric circuit when you press it. While it's in the ‘on’ state, a tony metal spring inside makes physical contact with two wires, which allows the flow of electricity. When it's off, the spring retracts, contact is suspended, and the current ceases to flow. The body of the switch is made of non-conducting plastic.

22 mm Pushbuttons, switches, pilots lights

At Schneider Electric India, we aim to be a one-stop destination for all your electric needs and requirements. We try to expand our horizons every day in order to meet the growing demands of the industrial sector with utmost efficiency and diligence. Explore our diversified portfolio of switches, pilot lights, and push buttons that help you carry out your daily industrial tasks with optimum comfort and ease. Harmony XB4, Harmony XB5, and Harmony XB7 are some of our many modular ranges for push button switches and pilot lights

Harmony XB4

Ø 22 mm modular metal pushbuttons, switches, and pilot lights. The modular range of Ø 22 mm metal control and signaling un...

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Harmony XB5

Ø 22 mm plastic pushbuttons, switches, pilot lights. The modular range of Ø 22 mm plastic control and signaling units combines...

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Harmony XB7

Ø 22 mm monolithic plastic pushbuttons, switches and pilot lights. The compact range of Ø 22 mm plastic control and signaling...

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30 mm Pushbuttons, switches, pilots lights

Even though large electrical instruments and equipment are integral for an industry to run smoothly and effectively, people often overlook the necessity of simple yet essential tools like pilot lights and push button switches. We at Schneider Electric India have a skilled panel of experts who hold adequate knowledge and expertise in designing all the tools and instruments required for an industry to function optimally. So, according to your needs and requirements, explore our broad range of 30mm push buttons, switches, and pilot lights that are highly reliable and easy to use.

22 mm Pushbuttons
Harmony 9001 K

Ø 30 mm metal pushbuttons, switches, pilot lights. The modular range of Ø 30 mm metal control and signaling provides robust and...

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Harmony 9001 SK

Ø 30 mm plastic pushbuttons, switches, pilot lights. The modular range of Ø 30 mm plastic control and signaling provides robust and...

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8 and 16mm Pushbuttons, switches, pilots lights

At Schneider Electric, we have a skilled team of experts who understand the importance of small yet essential electric tools and devices. Even though the industry sector is primarily run by various heavy equipment and instruments, it is imperative to have the right devices in place to ensure that all the types of machinery are running consistently and on time. Discover our comprehensive range of 8 and 16mm push buttons, switches, and pilot lights that provide all the equipment with the necessary support to function optimally.

Harmony XVL

Ø 8-12 mm LED plastic pilot lights. The monolithic range of Ø 8 or Ø 12 compact pilot lights is easy to install on enclosures and cabinets

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Harmony XB6

Ø 16 mm plastic pushbuttons, switches, and pilot lights. The modular and monolithic range of Ø 16 mm plastic control and signaling.

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30 mm Pushbuttons
Preventa XY2 AU

Enabling grip switch. The enabling switch contributes to safety and protects operators during adjustment and maintenance pha...

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Harmony XPE ATEX D

Foot switches, for explosive atmospheres,. Foot switches, for explosive atmospheres.

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Safety Switches

Our extensive range of safety switches, including two-hand, hand-grip, and foot switches, is designed to provide the most comprehensive protection for personnel and equipment in all industrial applications.

8 and 16mm Pushbuttons
Harmony XPE

Metal and Plastic foot switches. The single or double pedal switches are performing positive opening operations. They provide a compa...

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Remote Control Station

Schneider Electric's Altivar 1200 Medium Voltage AC Process Drive is the avant-garde variable frequency drive and variable speed drive designed to deliver IIoT advantages such as energy management, profitability, and improved operational efficiency. It has a wide scope of application and can be used in different industrial segments like Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Water & Wastewater, and Mining & Minerals. Altivar can be easily integrated into any medium or low-voltage architecture for achieving enhanced control of your applications and added performance.

An industrial remote control switch allows you to control a device or machine without the need for cables. This grants extra freedom of movement without limiting yourself to the maximum length of a cable. Cable controls most commonly require more maintenance since these cables tend to wear out faster in industrial environments. These remote control switches also put control at your fingertips wherever you are and allow you to use a machine or device from any location. This helps save valuable time and allows you to do more in the same amount of time which goes on to increase efficiency. However, the most critical feature of these control systems is the safety offered to operators. Industrial environments can be extremely hostile and dangerous for workers and hence remote control grants them safety and protection from any unforeseen injuries.

Schneider Electric India's product range is designed keeping all these characteristics in mind in order to enhance your experience. By eliminating the need for wire and conduit, many of the associated difficulties are dealt with.

Schneider Electric India's line of dependable and durable wireless remote switching can help you in a diverse number of ways –

  1. Simplicity - Remote control switch systems eliminate costly and labour intensive tasks of arranging and laying wire.
  2. Savings - Wire and conduit are costly and high maintenance. Wear-and-tear, digging, rodent damage, etc., are typical problems that can damage the wiring.
  3. Less Servicing Issues - Remote switch systems eliminate a majority of maintenance and servicing issues commonly involved in wired systems.
  4. Extended Range - Unlike much of the required equipment on the market, Schneider Electric India's wireless remote equipment has long-range communication capabilities which are aimed to take your operations to the next level.
  5. Reliability - All elements in a project must link well with each other and have the utmost reliability. Our equipment is highly compatible with the eminent forms of equipment used in most industries and is unrivalled in reliability with programmable logic controllers (PLCs), various switches and relays, etc.
pilots lights
Harmony XB5R

Ø 22 mm wireless and batteryless pushbuttons. Installation made easy with wireless pushbuttons – Harmony XB5R - the art of simplicity

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Joystick Controllers and Controller Stations

In the industrial sector, it is important to understand that machinery can only function optimally if the right tools and devices support them. Therefore, in order to receive the maximum rate of production from your equipment, understand the requirements of your hardware and invest in quality joystick controllers and control stations. At Schneider Electric, explore a wide range of products under our two comprehensively designed ranges like Harmony K and XD2G.

Safety Switches
Harmony K

Ø16-22 mm cam switches (from 10 to 150A). Modular rotary cam switches from 10 to 150A with plastic or metal heads meet most industrial...

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Control Stations and Enclosures

A control station comprises a range of buttons, joysticks, and switches carefully assembled for starting and stopping the supply of electric power within a given circuit. At Schneider Electric, we understand the importance of these small but essential electronic devices and have designed a comprehensive range of control stations like Harmony-XAC, Harmony-XALE, Harmony XALG, Harmony XADL, XALK, and more. Most products in our Harmony range of control stations are inclusive of plastic control stations that are ideally suited for the industrial sector, energy distribution panel builders, infrastructure applications, and traditional buildings.

Additionally, products under this range offer simplicity with flexibility and compact size, which is useful for applications that require quality resistance against double electrical insulation and chemical agents. According to the needs and requirements of our customers, we have ensured that our control stations are available in a variety of designs, shapes, and sizes that are easy to use and require low maintenance.

Remote Control Station
Harmony XAM, XAP

Metal and insulated enclosures using XB4 range Ø 22 mm control and signaling units. Range of insulated or metal enclosures designed for use...

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